Artists // Grass Is Green

Grass is Green are a Boston experimental rock/post-punk band featuring guitarist/vocalist Andy Chervenak, guitarist Devin McKnight, bassist Michael J. Thomas III, and drummer Jesse Weiss. The band’s origins began in a not-too-distant suburb of Washington, DC, and influences of both DC and Boston’s vital underground can be heard in their abrasive music and warped structures. Grass Is Green released their debut, Yeddo in 2010, introducing the basement scene to a discordant and angular blend of punk and indie rock while building a loyal following. The band have since grown notorious for their unforgettable shows, explosive energy and captivating dynamic shifts. A mere six months after Yeddo, Chibimoon arrived with Michael J. Thomas III (who also produced Yeddo) replacing original bassist Dario Olachea. The release expanded their songwriting in unforeseen ways and their tight live performances followed suit while they began playing larger shows.

In 2012, Grass is Green joined the Exploding in Sound Records roster and delivered Ronson, their most fully realized vision. Produced by Alex Prieto, the album featured a noted maturity in songwriting marked by their signature intensity and delivered at a satisfying pace. The band began taking on a personality of their own and emerged as one of Boston’s best live bands. Ronson was followed by Split Dicks, a split 7” with their friends and tourmates Two Inch Astronaut. They spent most of 2012 touring the country in support of the two releases opening for the likes of Melt Banana, Tera Melos, Joe Lally (Fugazi), and DD\MM\YYYY. They continued to tour throughout 2013 even being hand selected to open for Girls Against Boys w/ David Yow, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, The Coathangers and more while also taking time to prepare their next release. Vacation Vinny, coming in January 2014, was recorded at Silent Barn this past September with Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez of Gravesend Recordings / Ava Luna. The effort promises to be another unpredictable auditory journey that captivates listeners with evolved musicianship. Ready your ears to experience the adventures of Vacation Vinny, arriving on Exploding in Sound Records.