Exploding In Sound Records is a record label based out of Brooklyn, NY with roots in Boston.  The label was founded by Dan Goldin and Dave Spak, two music obsessed geeks that formed websites to share the wealth of all the great bands both past and present before turning our efforts to the label. We like rock music [among other genres], and we like it to be loud... and quiet... and that whole quiet/loud/quiet thing. Our goal is to make an impact both musically and culturally, through our good and honest DIY roots. This is Exploding In Sound Records. We hope to make your ears ring with joy. Thanks to Ava Luna for proofreading.

Brooklyn Magazine recently called us "The Little Label That Could" and Impose Magazine said we have a "tremendous streak of unconventional and endearing album releases," which sounds awesome to us.

Please send any submissions to dave@explodinginsound.com. Please know that we get a lot of these and we are a very small label run by two fairly busy people. Thanks!

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