Saturday, October 13, 2012

PILE Debut "Bump A Grape" on Brooklyn Vegan + More

The second track from PILE's upcoming LP "Dripping" is now available for streaming via Brooklyn Vegan. "Bump A Grape" premiered on the site yesterday, here's what they had to say about it...

"Boston punks Pile are set to release their new album, Dripping, on October 23 via Exploding In Sound Records. They've revealed the track, "Prom Song," from that album on their Bandcamp, and we've got another, "Bump a Grape," in this post, which you can stream below. I might just have Titus Andronicus in my head because I've been listening to their album all week, but I'm definitely getting similar punk 'n' roll vibes from this new Pile track to Titus' stuff, and like Patrick Stickles, Pile frontman Rick Maguire yearns with a raw, nasally yet throaty voice.

Pile will be supporting the new record with a tour that hits NYC on October 20 at The Paper Box in Brooklyn during CMJ and then again on October 30 at Muchmore's.

A list of all tour dates can be found HERE and the song stream is below."

In other PILE news...

Gonzo Chicago recently caught up with the band last time they were in town and filmed Rick performing acoustic renditions of Jerk Routine favorites "Haunt," "The Moon," and more. Accompanied by Fax Holiday's Eric Schermerhorn (PILE's fill in guitarist on that tour), this video is not to be missed. Here's what they had to say...

"Pile is a band from Boston. We originally heard about them when a buddy from Milwaukee wouldn't stop raving about their record "Magic Isn't Real", and they just so happened to be playing Casa Donde the next night, so we went to check it out. As you can see in that video, they're great live. Pile used to be just Rick Maguire, playing the songs he has written. He's since recruited a stellar team of hard hitting cohorts that are really something to see live. He was nice enough to play us a few songs solo after a show we set up at Swerp Mansion. We'd suggest you catch Pile when they come through your town. They're spectacular."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

PILE's "Dripping" Reviewed in The Boston Globe!

Matt Parish of The Boston Globe recently reviewed PILE's upcoming record "Dripping". In case you missed it, here's what he had to say about it...

"This new full-length release caps off a manic couple of years for this Boston four-piece that seethes, fumes, and detonates with the best of them. Pile rolls with a select crew of local bands — Speedy Ortiz and Grass Is Green, among others — that have been digging through the riffs and dissonance-heavy rock of the ’90s for treasure. It doesn’t get much better than this new set of recordings, though.

Pile has a clumsily effortless way of smashing together misshapen wads of song (some discarded Weezer here, stillborn Nirvana there, some Slint scattered around the edges) that gain momentum the more unruly they get. Opener “Baby Boy” performs a mad scientist analysis on itself, freeze-framing uncomfortable moments and examining them for extended, tense moments before ushering in a bombastic release.

“Prom Song” has been making the rounds for a month, and it’s the perfect distillation of a archetypal Pile tantrum: Guitars skitter about in numb little figures while singer Rick Maguire heaves through lurching, wandering vocals. Before it’s fallen apart, a tide of roiling bass and Melvins drum batteries rises up from underneath and bashes the whole thing to oblivion. The key, oddly enough, is a steady grasp on a crafty, shifting chord progression that sneaks below the surface the whole time. It’s a skill they pull off again and again on “Dripping.” (Out Oct. 23)

Matt Parish

ESSENTIAL “Prom Song.”