Monday, June 18, 2012

SPEEDY ORTIZ Coming to a Town Near YOU!!

A message from Speedy Ortiz...

"greetings & congratulations,

speedy ortiz is going on tour this summer, possibly to a city near you! most of the torquedates are pasted below -- we will continue to update the full list at, which also
includes facebook event links.

we're touring in support of our new 10" record on exploding in sound, sports EP. if you haven't already heard it, you can also stream it/order it HERE, or buy it from us on tour (t-shirts + totez bagz too).

a few dates still haven't come together, so if you have any contacts in places with "???" attached, please let us know, we would really appreciate the help. also, if you live in one of these wacky towns we're playing, get in touch so we can hang out/eat mac and cheese/walk aimlessly through the park/throw a rack tom at you.

see y'all soon!" - sadie/matt/mike/darl/buster

Tues 6/19 Northampton, MA: King Street Manor w/ Bunny's A Swine, Zebu, Two Inch Astronaut
Friday 6/22 Philadelphia, PA: Dane Fallon Fest @ The IHOP Estate (early)
Friday 6/22 Philadelphia, PA: Level Room w/ UGH God, Cavale, With Knives, Vaporats,
Snagwing (late)
Saturday 6/23 Baltimore, MD: Golden West w/ Roomrunner, Daughn Gibson
Sunday 6/24 Richmond, VA: Church of Abraham w/ Sundials, Gunboat (mems. Young Adult Fiction), Billy Raygun, Bad Mammals
Monday 6/25 Durham, NC: Motorco Music Hall w/ Joy in Red
Tuesday 6/26 Asheville, NC: The Get Down w/ Free Lunch, Machiavillains, Psychic Blood
Wednesday 6/27 Macon, GA: Roasted Cafe w/ Trufflelina
Thursday 6/28 Tallahassee, FL: St. Michael's Pub w/ Duck, Little Brother, Duck!
Friday 6/29 Gainesville, FL: The Atlantic Night Spot w/ Flat Lands, Sons of Young, Deputy
Saturday 6/30 Orlando, FL: The Peacock Room w/ The Mother Machine, Yogurt Smoothness, Psychic Blood
Sunday 7/1 Atlanta, GA: Sriracha House w/ Ricer, Sycophants
Monday 7/2 Mobile, AL: Alabama Music Box w/ Daikaiju
Tuesday 7/3 New Orleans, LA: ???
Wednesday 7/4 Houston, TX: The Cornerstone w/ Daphne, Wales, Hounds, Neptunes Explode
Thursday 7/5 Austin, TX: Frontier Bar w/ Bad Chapters, Watch Out For Rockets
Friday 7/6 Denton, TX: ???
Saturday 7/7 Norman, OK: The Opolis w/ Sonic Violence, Chud
Sunday 7/8 Albuquerque, NM: The Alamo w/ Pitch & Bark, Tree Motel
Monday 7/9 Flagstaff, AZ: ???
Tuesday 7/10 San Diego, CA: Tin Can Alehouse w/ Big Wilson River, Bagdad
Wednesday 7/11 Los Angeles, CA: The Smell w/ LA Font, Tennis System, The Withers
Thursday 7/12 Los Angeles, CA: McWorld w/ Snow Wite
Friday 7/13 San Francisco, CA: The Stork Club w/ Greater Sirens, Hazel's Wart
Saturday 7/14 San Francisco, CA: Dolores Park Cafe w/ Human Machines, Stars Are Projectors
Sunday 7/15 Eugene, OR: BBQ party w/ Soccer Babes
Monday 7/16 Portland, OR: Laughing Horse Books w/ Lunge, Wild Moth, Tyrants
Tuesday 7/17 Olympia, WA: ???
Wednesday 7/18 Seattle, WA: Funhouse w/ Haunted Horses, Spray Paint, Stickers
Thursday 7/19 Spokane, WA: w/ Ultra Peach, Jesus or Genome
Friday 7/20 Missoula, MT: VFW
Saturday 7/21 Salt Lake City, UT: Kilby Court w/ Cuddleslut, Moccosai, One Way Life
Sunday 7/22 Denver, CO: The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase
Monday 7/23 Fort Collins, CO: Gnu Gallery w/ Spray Paint
Tuesday 7/24 Omaha, NE: Farnam House
Wednesday 7/25 Iowa City, IA
Thursday 7/26 Minneapolis, MN: Cause
Friday 7/27 Madison, WI: w/ Slow Loris
Saturday 7/28 Chicago, IL: w/ Geronimo, The Pop Tarts, Melon Boat
Sunday 7/29 Kalamazoo, MI: Milhouse w/ Crash City Saints
Monday 7/30 Detroit, MI: Trumbullplexx w/ Cloud Rat, Esper
Tuesday 7/31 Cleveland, OH: ???
Wednesday 8/1 Pittsburgh, PA: Draw Us Lines Presents (@ Brillobox) w/ Pet Clinic, Legs Like Tree Trunks
Thursday 8/2 DC: ???
Friday 8/3 Brooklyn, NY: Shea Stadium w/ Porches, Mail the Horse
Saturday 8/4 Allston, MA: Wacky Kastle w/ Vegans, Grass is Green, Pile, Fat History Month
Sunday 8/5 New Hampshire
Monday 8/6 Northampton, MA: w/ California X

Friday, June 8, 2012

Speedy Ortiz Featured in Nylon Magazine's "Good Listener"

[] Our five favorite songs of the week!

"Show me mine, I'll show you yours," Sadie Dupuis sweetly sings at the beginning of "Silver Spring," the single from Speedy Ortiz's debut EP, Sports, out this week. But whether it's a come-on or a threat, I'm not sure - the stellar Western Mass grunge-rock group trade in jarring juxtapositions: the main one being Dupuis's innately friendly vocals and the band's sludgy, raucous guitars. Even when she cries out the dangerously catchy chorus, Dupuis still sounds smiley - almost like she's winking at you - much in the way that Stephen Malkmus does.